Work Time Friends Season II

I’m working on WTF again and will start posting again hopefully before the end of this month. Wedding season is upon me, late season for me and my wife and also I’ve been trying to focus on applying to new jobs and I just bought a house. So things have been REALLY busy the last two months… If anyone still reads this or just checks on this… kudos to you and thank you.

My goal for the rest of the year is to continue doing this uninterrupted till December when I restart.

Good luck to me… and here is a teaser for the next comic.

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Identity Thieft Part 2

Another comic I did for some Asian-American College newspaper. Too bad I forgot what newspaper it was… but I think it was for the University of Maryland…. It was so many years ago… :( Sorry for the filler updates. Going to take a break for a bit, will probably come back in August.

Identify Theft

This was a small comic I did for a local college asian newspaper