When I first saw the Doritos 1st Degree Burn -Blazin’ Jalapeno-, I kind of chuckled to myself. Usually whenever a mainstream food product or snack claims to be spicy, it’s at best mild warm sensation. For example, Taco Bell’s Fire sauce, which is supposed to be their hottest sauce, aside from the Volcano tacos is a bit of a joke. For the best kind of burns, you usually have to go to those novelty stores or California Tortilla. A spicy Doritos chip, I think not.

I tried one chip and I gotta admit, it’s pretty damn spicy. I don’t mean that it’s just oh yeah, that’s kinda hot, spicy, I mean, oh god, there’s a party in my mouth and someone accidentally invited that pyromaniac, and the roof…. the roof… the roof is on fire.

Luckily, the burn doesn’t last too long but it was a surprise. I’ve tried the 2nd Degree Burn, but the 1st Degree is my favorite. I’ve been trying to locate the 3rd Degree, but haven’t had much luck.

It’s kind of strange, spicy foods tend to be an up coming trend lately.