Koco’s Pub
4301 Harford Rd
Baltimore, MD 21214

(410) 426-3519

My friend Lynna had told us about Koco’s Pub having the best crab cakes in Maryland. Crab cake is a delicious thing, but trying to find a good crab cake is a bit like a hit or miss and so a lot of times, I feel safer not ordering it, knowing that it’s usually going to be a fairly small portion and could be mostly breading or filler.

Koco’s Pub’s crab cakes is nothing like that and it’s not just the best crab cake in Maryland, it was the best crab cake EVER.

Lynna took my wife and me, along with several other friends there to try said crab cake. I went on Saturday, March 23, 2013, at about 7 PM. Lynna had the foresight to get us reservations. The décor had a bit of a tropical theme, I recall a mural of a parrot on the wall outside. The inside lighting was a bit dim but cozy. The place was highly packed. I’m not sure if that’s a common thing, but I would defiantly consider making reservations if you could. Funny thing is though, when I came into the restaurant, it didn’t seem like a place that would take reservation, so the fact that they do, is a plus. During my stay there, I did see a large party come, maybe about 7 or 8, unreserved, and the estimated wait was too long. We also had a party of 7 which Lynna reserved the day before. As soon as we walked in, they already had our table ready and we sat immediately.

For our appetizer, Lynna ordered the baby back ribs and Buffalo wings. Now, those aren’t on the appetizer menu, they’re actually a regular course but Lynna insisted we order those as appetizers. The Buffalo wings were okay, nothing to write home about, but the ribs were really sweet and juicy, with the meat falling off the bone.

But on to the main course, the crab cake…

It was delicious.

Let me elaborate a bit more though. If there was any breading, I didn’t notice. It was mostly if not all crab and mayo, packed and baked into a soft ball size cake. The crabmeat was huge as well and was a nice mix between savory and sweet.  The crab cake platter came with a choice of salad or fries. The girls obviously chose salad and the guys chose the fries. The girls did eat from said guys’ fries… but whatever. But I digress… the crab cake is awesome and I felt it was priced really well.  It’s market price but when we ordered, it was about 25 dollars per platter, which in my opinion is a really good price. I’ve had far lesser crab cakes for 30 plus dollars and felt that even though it mostly comes in a pair, they’re filled with more filling and usually the size of a golf ball, which even if I get 2, one soft ball size crab cake is still more.

Overall, Koco’s Pub is a place I defiantly want to try again. One negative thing about it is that their crab cakes are so awesome; I doubt I’ll ever really try anything else on their menu, which is a shame as they do have filet mignon. I do feel that Koco’s is tragically low key, especially for having such awesome crab cakes.  I would have expected that Travel Channel or Food Network would have picked up on it but it is a bit far from the Inner Harbor.  I’m not too familiar with the area but it’s not near the usual foot traffic location like Fell’s Point or Inner Harbor but it’s defiantly worth the drive out.

KocospubI apologize, the only picture I have is from my instagram….