I guess my mission statement goes here…

This blog is basically a review site for things I find interesting and fun. I will for the most part try to only write things that I actually like and think other people may also like.

In deciding to do a review site, I decided to forgo writing about things I hate dislike because there is already a whole wide of angry review sites. While some may be humorous like the Angry Video Game Nerd and Zero Punction, others are just angry for the sake of being angry. (Ask any PS3 fanboy or Xbox360 fanboy review the otherside).

If I truly dislike a product why bother mentioning them. Isn’t that like free publicity.

Besides, I want to put some good vibes back into the internet. It’s so easy to ride the angry train… lord knows I’m an angry enough person already. Why bother put that in writing.

So this blog will be focused on things I like and find interestingly enough to share. These things can range from anime series to photography equipment to random restaurants.

Enjoy Everything…