I’m writing this as I’m watching a documentary, “Video Games: The Movie”, and occasionally repositioning my new born son’s pacifier as he rocks to sleep in his Fisher-Price’s Cradle N’ Swing. As a geeky new father, who enjoys video games, comics, anime, etc, I wonder if I would pass my passion and love to my son but also realize a limit and have him enjoy other things as well, or will he be a completely different person and have a completely different passion from mine.

I know some people think I’d most likely give him a gaming console immediately or some sort of electronic devices but I feel that I’d want to hold off on any sort of personal electronic devices. Sure, I’ll probably have the most recent Nintendo gaming console for him (or probably moreso for me) but I don’t want him to go outside still attached to an electronic device such as a DS or a iphone/ipad.

While I had my first game console at a young age, (the Nintendo Entertainment System when I was five or six) I had a good few years without anything. Maybe an Atari, but I didn’t find that as engrossing… The first five years of my life, which at the time, felt forever, was filled with other things, exploring the world around me, playing outside, etc.

I had a very fun and active childhood and I wish for my son to partake in similar fashion. I felt I had a pretty healthy balance of play, interaction, and video games. Though, video games now are a bit more social, albeit virtually, I do fear that the time of having two people playing in the same room will disappear. Perhaps not though… because when we do play… at least we could be playing together.