I’ve been watching WAAAAY too much anime lately. I really wanted to do a proper review of a few that I’ve seen… but I think since the start of the new year, I’ve watched… and in no particular order,

-Broken Blade… the movie series… not to be confused with the up coming anime…

– Pilot’s Love Song

-Recently my Sister is Unusual

-Witchcraft Works

-Golden Time


-Heaven’s Lost Property

-Log Horizon

-Hajime No Ippo

-Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

-Kill La Kill

-Kyokai no Kanata

-Z Girls

-Crime Edge

-Strike the Blood

And currently I’m drudging through Amagami… though, I think it’s because I’m between seasons right now and waiting for some new series to catch my attention.

Usually, I watch them while they’re still new like Witch Craft Works, Log Horizon, Hakime No Ippo, and Chuunibyou… and then some I watched after they’ve already aired and kinda went through a binge…

As much as I enjoy binge watching, I find that when I’m watching an anime as it’s being released, I feel I grow a tighter bond with the characters because I have to wait a week or so till the next episode… when I binge watch a series… sometimes I feel the characters and story becomes a bit more forgettable.

That wasn’t the case with Golden Time, who’s author also wrote Tora Dora… I caught Golden Time that week it’s final episode was coming out and so I binge watched the whole 23 damn episodes in the course of two days… (even in doing so, I was still able to clean the house, do some laundry, and do some grocery shopping.)

Even still, I had to wait about one full day before I could catch the final episode and that tormented me a bit.

I wished I actually caught Golden Time when it first started showing so I could have spread it out and enjoyed it longer, though it was filled with so much romantic drama that that would have probably killed me. The grass is greener I suppose.

But in the past 3 months, I’ve watched nearly 15 different anime series and I’m not sure to be impressed or sadden by my geekiness…

What probably helped is that the first few months, my wife and I were trying to hide her pregnancy and we couldn’t announce it till March sooooo… in avoiding my friends, I guess I just filled up time with anime.

Also, I haven’t caught up with any of the second half of the Walking Dead so I might as well start watching that…

I also need to start blogging regularly… and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to perhaps redesign this page a bit…