Last SquareEnix game I played was Murdered: Soul Suspect and honestly, I’m glad I got that on sale rather than full price… but the story was decent. The game play was interesting at first but did get tiring afterwards and by the end of Soul Suspect, I felt let down and probably would have been if I paid full price.

As I play Life is Strange, I’m reminded of Soul Suspect in a way. The story for Soul Suspect was “haunting” and it lured me in, the same way Life is Strange is doing, but I think the main difference is the type of game place and I guess if Soul Suspect tried to be more of a Point and Click rather than a pseudo action/adventure game (which it totally is not) I think it might have done better. But I digress, I’m supposed to be talking about Life is Strange.

Life is Strange is very strange… yes it is.

At the time of writing this, only 4 episodes is out with one more around the corner. As I played through the game, my wife and sister-in-law asked if I was living out my dream of being an artsy hipster teenage girl. But little do they know, she’s a time machine.

The story is about a young girl who is aspiring to be a photographer and is in a fancy private art school, who realizes she has the power to control time. While coming to term with this, there is several mysteries going about the town of Arcadia Bay, along with a pending storm, a missing girl, and a psychotic rich boy.

I’ll be honest, I abused my time travel powers to make my best friend shoot herself in the stomach over and over, scratching time like a turn table.

The execution of the game is perfect and in the beginning I found myself rewinding time, just to try to hear each and every different conversation options but by the third game, I found myself so engrossed in the story that I probably missed a bunch of stuff, but that’s okay, because unlike most point and click, I think this will have a pretty good replay value. Each choice you make can effect different aspects of the story, some major and some minor. I did find myself pondering on which choices I should stick with but honestly, I think I’ll just have one play through where I’m super nice and the second play through, I’m a super bitch.

The art style of the game is also amazing. Being an ex-professional photographer, I appreciate the level of detail in the conversations of photography and it does make me want to take up my camera again and just shoot. Not only that, since it takes place in an art school, you have a few illustrators also going around. If they release an art book for this game, I’ll probably try to pick it up.

The sound track for this game is also amazing. It defiantly helps fit the mood and seems to be a lot of acoustic guitars. Sorry, I’m not great at analyzing music.

Overall, I defiantly would suggest this and I’m surprised this wasn’t released by Tell Tale studios.