Fatherhood and Time

So it’s been almost a year since my son was born… His first birthday will is about a month and a half away and it feels just like yesterday he was just born. Looking back at all the pictures my wife and I took of him, I can’t believe how fast he’s grown. I remember after the second month, how we were putting away his 1 month clothes away and Qiao was crying because he was getting so big. But as fast as time flies, I can’t remember life before him.

Being a geek and a new father, I was curious if I would still have time for all my nerd hobbies, or would I have to give them up? I remember pondering on buying tbe PS4 and wondering if I would have time? About 3 months after he was born, I decided to anyway, (also about the same time AFTER my paternal leave was exhausted so I was going back to work… but I didn’t take off two months to just sit and play video games, contrary to popular belief)

Prior to becoming a father, I thought this small child would exhaust all of my free time, and while a majority of it has, I still take time to relax and enjoy myself. It does help that during the work week, my mother either comes over to babysit or takes him to her place for the week… so there is that.

I was talking to a friend who has been a father a lot longer than I, and he was stating how his time has become rather valuable but he tends to make the best out of it, still enjoying his hobbies, drawing comics, and being a full time father. He said that he’s just become a lot more efficient and more productive while at the same time having far less time than he did when he was younger. He doesn’t know how he does it, but he gets what he needs done, while still enjoying the things he does.

Parenting is hard work, and my son is a priority over my hobbies, that’s for certain, but becoming a parent didn’t mean that I had to give up what I enjoy… and I may have to cut back a bit, but hopefully when he’s older, I’ll have someone to enjoy it with… mainly cause my wife thinks my nerd hobbies are stupid….

Fatherhood and videogames!

I’m writing this as I’m watching a documentary, “Video Games: The Movie”, and occasionally repositioning my new born son’s pacifier as he rocks to sleep in his Fisher-Price’s Cradle N’ Swing. As a geeky new father, who enjoys video games, comics, anime, etc, I wonder if I would pass my passion and love to my son but also realize a limit and have him enjoy other things as well, or will he be a completely different person and have a completely different passion from mine.

I know some people think I’d most likely give him a gaming console immediately or some sort of electronic devices but I feel that I’d want to hold off on any sort of personal electronic devices. Sure, I’ll probably have the most recent Nintendo gaming console for him (or probably moreso for me) but I don’t want him to go outside still attached to an electronic device such as a DS or a iphone/ipad.

While I had my first game console at a young age, (the Nintendo Entertainment System when I was five or six) I had a good few years without anything. Maybe an Atari, but I didn’t find that as engrossing… The first five years of my life, which at the time, felt forever, was filled with other things, exploring the world around me, playing outside, etc.

I had a very fun and active childhood and I wish for my son to partake in similar fashion. I felt I had a pretty healthy balance of play, interaction, and video games. Though, video games now are a bit more social, albeit virtually, I do fear that the time of having two people playing in the same room will disappear. Perhaps not though… because when we do play… at least we could be playing together.

Super Otaku Mode…

I’ve been watching WAAAAY too much anime lately. I really wanted to do a proper review of a few that I’ve seen… but I think since the start of the new year, I’ve watched… and in no particular order,

-Broken Blade… the movie series… not to be confused with the up coming anime…

– Pilot’s Love Song

-Recently my Sister is Unusual

-Witchcraft Works

-Golden Time


-Heaven’s Lost Property

-Log Horizon

-Hajime No Ippo

-Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

-Kill La Kill

-Kyokai no Kanata

-Z Girls

-Crime Edge

-Strike the Blood

And currently I’m drudging through Amagami… though, I think it’s because I’m between seasons right now and waiting for some new series to catch my attention.

Usually, I watch them while they’re still new like Witch Craft Works, Log Horizon, Hakime No Ippo, and Chuunibyou… and then some I watched after they’ve already aired and kinda went through a binge…

As much as I enjoy binge watching, I find that when I’m watching an anime as it’s being released, I feel I grow a tighter bond with the characters because I have to wait a week or so till the next episode… when I binge watch a series… sometimes I feel the characters and story becomes a bit more forgettable.

That wasn’t the case with Golden Time, who’s author also wrote Tora Dora… I caught Golden Time that week it’s final episode was coming out and so I binge watched the whole 23 damn episodes in the course of two days… (even in doing so, I was still able to clean the house, do some laundry, and do some grocery shopping.)

Even still, I had to wait about one full day before I could catch the final episode and that tormented me a bit.

I wished I actually caught Golden Time when it first started showing so I could have spread it out and enjoyed it longer, though it was filled with so much romantic drama that that would have probably killed me. The grass is greener I suppose.

But in the past 3 months, I’ve watched nearly 15 different anime series and I’m not sure to be impressed or sadden by my geekiness…

What probably helped is that the first few months, my wife and I were trying to hide her pregnancy and we couldn’t announce it till March sooooo… in avoiding my friends, I guess I just filled up time with anime.

Also, I haven’t caught up with any of the second half of the Walking Dead so I might as well start watching that…

I also need to start blogging regularly… and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to perhaps redesign this page a bit…