Change is the only constant…

I think in a way, we all fear change and when it comes about unexpectedly, we almost have a pessimistic reaction, at least I know I do.

I have a bad habit of become complacent and perhaps that’s a lazy nature in me. I want to strive for bigger and better things.

So rather than wait till New Years to make a resolution, I’m going to take these few months to put into plan my resolve to become a better person.

I’ll try to use this journal here as a way to document my journey and hold myself accountable.

Some things I’ve been trying is organizing and tracking my projects and goals. I’ve been utilizing a bullet journal for the past few months mostly to keep track of my life and I’m going to use it to plan and track my goals and progress. I’ll talk more about that later.

Aside from reading more self help books, I’ll try to put things into action.

Time is something I feel I waste the most of… I’m definitely realizing that now and it’s something I wish I learned when I was younger.

But C’est la Vie…

To quote Pops from Luke Cage, “Always forward…”


I’m going to start trying to do a review a week or so often… So let me start with my most recent finished Anime…


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

I’ll start off saying that one of my most favorite anime is Toradora… and while this shares many traits with Toradora, it seems to follow the typical Harem Anime clichés, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The story is about a young boy Kodaka, who is viewed as a delinquent because of his scary eyes and his blonde hair, which is due to him being half English and half Japanese. His mother, who was English, has passed away, so he refuses to dye his hair as it’s his only link to her. While he is perceived as a delinquent, he is anything but… and due to that misconception, he’s found to be very alone and friendless.

He finds similarity with Yozora, a quiet tsundere, who decides to create the Neighbors Club, to try to find and make friends. As the story progresses, more females are added to the rooster of the Neighbors Club; Sena, the rich, popular, and beautiful young girl, who longs for female friendship, Kobata, the pretty-boy that really is a pretty girl, and Rika, the horny genius.

As almost all Harem animes, the girls find something about Kodaka which creates a love triangle… love square… um… some sort of love geometric shape or another. But unlike most Harem anime, Kodaka seems to have a bit more of a personality and it seems that he has an inkling about their feelings but decides to try to ignore it.

So what makes it different from most Harem animes, as I stated it’s Kodaka’s personality and slightly elaborated back story. He feels a bit more fleshed out, atleast to me. The girls seems to have a bit more of a mix mash of clichés, where Rika would usually have been the silent reserved type, is actually a bit of the opposite, where she is quite crude and assertive.

As I stated though, Haganai doesn’t entirely break away from the usual formula, where there is no other male protagonist, except for Sena’s father. It does have the childhood friend, the forced fiancée, and various types of girls and fan service.

Overall, it’s a pretty good anime and fun. I actually finished it off in about 4 days, watching both seasons and even though the last season ended in a cliff hanger, it leaves hope for a season 3.

Where to Watch Haganai?