Giant Fighting Robot….

I haven’t worked on anything in quite a bit. Been a bit busy with up coming baby and stuff… But I had a week off for my birthday, a small stay-cation if you will. But I’ve been busy for the first half… got two more days till I got to go back to work so I decided to not play video games today and work on something new…


Lets zoom in for a closer view…

giantrobotdetail1 giantrobotdetail2

While this was mostly photomanipulation, the only thing really drawn was the robot.

There is a bigger version on my deviant art site… so you can check that there too. I’m going to try to work on a bit more original art….


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This was something I worked on a LOOOOOOONG while ago and tried to retouch it up a bit… I’m more interested in the eye texture…. and I think I would like to incorporate that part into another illustration… but I don’t know what yet. I do like how odd light sources can illuminate the contours of a shadowed image. I don’t know what I’m talking about right now. I need to get ready for work. 😛


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It’s a BOY


My wife wanted me to make a comic about our trip to the OBYG…. So yeah…

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Princess Peach and Digital Painting


Was trying a new technique and I’ve always notice there is a huge difference between Painting techniques and drawing techniques. Mostly, the focus on drawing is the line art… while in painting, you can be a bit more loose on your line art, since it’s really just a sketch for laying down the tones.

Values make a big difference and I sometimes try to apply painting techniques to my drawing, which I don’t feel works as well.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense… I guess with painting techniques, I focus more on the tones and values before line art, and if I’m working on a drawing or illustration, I focus more on the line art.

I’ll be honest, I think my line art is lacking mainly because I’m a slacker. Take my Kill La Kill illustration for example…


My focus was mostly on the line art itself… The values were kind of an after thought, which probably is wrong on some level.

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Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works has become my most favorite anime since Toradora…

witchcraftwip1 copy

Story wise, it’s awesome… art style… it’s uber-awesome. Do people still say uber? I think what gets to me is the off the way small details and odd animal characters that they just throw around. I wanted to try to do splash page with numerous characters, as I don’t think I’ve done that since probably highschool. Most of my fanart lately has been just portraits and I wanted to create something more poster like. While I didn’t get all the characters I wanted, I’m really enjoying this. I’m trying to go a bit easier on the inking though, working on thinner lines so I could focus more on colors. It’s a bit more strenuous than my recent works but I’ll try to make it work.

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Kill La Kill


So I fixed up the lines in my Kill La Kill art… and got most of the flats in… This is a slight progression of my coloring. I try to get the base color down and then I’ll work on the values… Sometimes I want to be laze and just leave the flats but that would be laziness… I guess.

I seem to have a lot of unfinished work but I like to go back and forth between different projects because I do tend to lose steam and working a full time job and then having social obligations come in the way.

But I’m taking a break from cons and artshows this year due to the coming baby, which is probably expected in August… so 2015, I’ll start hitting up conventions hard.

Also, Bravely Default is taking up a lot of my free time too…


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I’m finishing this up as my friends are heading here for the unexpected news…. I jammed a bunch of cinnamon buns in the toaster oven… lets see who’s the first to notice.


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Kill La Kill

I spent about a good part of my free time this week watching Haganai, which rivals with my favorite anime Toradora… There is a bit of a similarity between the two but Haganai does pale in comparison. Haganai seems to follow more of the standard formulas for a typical harem anime.

But I digress… In regards to art style, I loved the way Haganai designed their eyes and so I decided to try to mimic it in my newest fanart for Kill La Kill… though, I haven’t gotten to the finalization, I’ll be keeping that in mind as I work on it. You probably can’t see the inspiration in the rough sketches, but it;ll be something I focus as I finish the coloring.



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I’m going to try to post most often, atleast once a week… because art and blogging is a thing… I guess.

Anyway, I’ve been working on some personal projects in hope of getting stuff for Art-O-Matic, whenever that comes around.

I’ve decided to try to merge photography and toys together for a few pieces. Here is my first piece and a WIP for my second…



I came up with the idea as I have so many bland pictures of backgrounds… which I’ve taken to try to use for an illustrator project… Anyway, lets see how this goes…


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I’m still alive… though I don’t think anyone regularly comes here except for spambots…



This is a recent update I did to my Puppycat illustration. I thought I had gotten much farther in the illustration but I guess I was wrong. 🙁


The Year is almost done… I went on a china trip in October… and I still have a ton of pictures I need to edit.

If you want to check out the rest of the pics I took, here are some at this link.

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