Princess Peach and Digital Painting


Was trying a new technique and I’ve always notice there is a huge difference between Painting techniques and drawing techniques. Mostly, the focus on drawing is the line art… while in painting, you can be a bit more loose on your line art, since it’s really just a sketch for laying down the tones.

Values make a big difference and I sometimes try to apply painting techniques to my drawing, which I don’t feel works as well.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense… I guess with painting techniques, I focus more on the tones and values before line art, and if I’m working on a drawing or illustration, I focus more on the line art.

I’ll be honest, I think my line art is lacking mainly because I’m a slacker. Take my Kill La Kill illustration for example…


My focus was mostly on the line art itself… The values were kind of an after thought, which probably is wrong on some level.

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