Sandrock’s Lab: Panel Lines Experiment

Concept: (Warning: Heavy Gundam Nerd Talk Ahead)  If you ever the Gundam Seed TV series, you’ll recall the Duel Gundam was stolen by Zaft forces from the Earth Alliance.  The Earth Alliance managed to reproduce low cost versions of the Duel Gundam (the GAT-01D Long Dagger and the GAT-01D1 Duel Dagger) and a new upgraded Duel Gundam (the GAT-1022  Blu Duel Gundam).   The original Duel Gundam remained with Zaft forces at the end of the Gundam Seed series.

So what happened to the Duel? It never resurfaced in the Gundam Seed Destiny series.  I suppose it was decommissioned.  I imagine it became the test bed for weapons and technologies of later Zaft Gundam and Mobile Suits.

So, I thought I’d create some panel lines to make the Duel Gundam resemble the Destiny Gundam.  So my Duel Gundam is something of a transitional Gundam found in the 2 year time gap between Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny

I’m still relatively new to panel lining.  So my panel lines will not look very good. :\

Here you see the my Master Grade Destiny Gundam.  What I want to do is recreate some of those panel lines around the chest.

This is this knock off Duel Gundam.  He’s got no panel lines added to his chest.  Consider this a “Before” picture. (Judging by that balloon that he’s holding, KO Duel Gundam is ready to party.)

Everyone has their own method for creating panel lines.  This is my method.  Using my metal ruler, I measure out where I want to cut and I make a small knick with my hobby knife.  I’d like my panel lines to be nice and symmetrical.  Some people can freely draw their panel lines by hand.  I’m not that good.

These knicks create a “connect-the-dots” pattern on the model kit.  Once I have am satisfied I have enough, I can connect the dots with my hobby knife.  It may be a bit hard to see in this picture.

I connect the dots using my hobby knife.  I line up all the dots and cut straight down.  Then I cut at 2 more angles, creating a tiny valley.  Last I run over the valley with a pin to make sure its an even thickness in the panel line.

Do not fear making mistakes when making panel lines. Shallow scratches can be sanded out.  Deeper mistakes can be filed away. 😉

Top view of the torso.  You can see I made 3 panel lines topside.

Panel lines around the sides of the chest.


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