Day 8

I’m off to a decent start… My first week. I really didn’t feel like drawing the last part of the day… kinda of exhausted, mentally. And to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with today’s illustration… but I remember reading that the difference between professional artists and amateur artists is that amateur artist only creates when the inspiration is there. A professional would move forward with or without… because that’s what they do…

It was kind of inspirational. That was the reason I decided to try to tackle the 365 day project… because I feel I need to keep on growing. Even though my main source of income isn’t a great creative outlet, doesn’t mean I should waste this.

I am very insecure and I have my doubts… but whatever. Time only flows one way, so I might as well stop trying to go against the current and flow forward…

As I stated before, this is my second attempt at this. I tried before here… and I only got to 108. I forgot why I stopped. Something came up… but doesn’t it always.

Forward… gotta go forward.

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