Day 2 and Day 3

Technically it’s Day 4 now and I did my sketches on a new sketchbook. I didn’t get a chance to completely ink Day 2’s sketch… it was kind of hectic.

Day 2

Day 2 was inspired from an Iphone game called Ellie… or Help Ellie or something. It’s one of those weird room games where you have to do weird puzzles to get out. Fun…


Day 3’s sketch was from one of my favorite cartoons, Adventure Time… it’s a bishoju version of Finn… HAHAHA… maybe I’ll revisit that later down the road.

Welp, I’ll try to work on Day 4’s illustration before I have to get to work, along with some freelance projects I need to touch up on. I’m getting over an illness right now so meds have made me a bit groggy and I need to make sure I’m rested for work tonight.

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