Turtle Power!

And so I completed something. YAY. Kinda…

I wanted to insert the other three turtles into this image but I might work on that separately and combine the other three into one piece.

Speaking of Ninjas, Dom and I saw a really bad 80’s movie… from the 80’s. It was about a ninja in training¬† who was a drifter and got stuck in some Texas town and had to fight the KKK. It was awesome and horrible at the same time. It was Ninja Vengeance, and we made a drinking game out of it. One drink for any time an asian should in the scene, two drinks for any racial or incorrect asian reference.

We ran out of drinks after 30 minutes.

If I didn’t say it already, it was a pretty horrible movie and I’ll spoil the ending for all of you, the main character never really dressed up as a ninja at all and the FBI had to save the day. In fact, the main character which was supposed to be the ninja did a horrible job, because the local town folks kept on finding him. At one point, I began to believe the KKK was the ninjas because they were the one that was dressed in masks and were EVERYWHERE. I mean, these guys were the trackers…

Anyway, horrible horrible movie…

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  1. DomRetana says:

    dude you really got on working on this fast! looks really good, although im going to want you to correct something, leonardo actually wore the blue bandana, raphiel with sai’s was the red one.

    haha nice reference to ninja vengeance too!

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