Sandrock’s Lab: Revised Torso

Concept:  I’m trying to incorporate more joints into the upper torso for greater range of movement.  The planned joints would ideally also help with the transformation process later on.  I have a plan in mind for the Chaos Gundam.  I’ll reveal it later.  Here are the torso modifications I’ve done so far.

Original Torso

Abdomen Joint Modification

First a breakdown.  Sawed the upper abdomen and lower abdomen into 2 segments.

Scratch built a polycap housing in using polystyrene and placed that inside the upper abdomen.  Scratch built a peg and attached to the lower abdomen.

Added some Polystyrene to close the gap and hide the new joint.  I scavenged a torso part from a 1/100 Gundam Exia model kit for this project.

Some trimming was required for the “cockpit door”.  Note the lower abdomen fits inside the upper abdomen.  Also, the joint can only allow the upper abdomen to rock forward and a little to the back.  The range of motion is very small, but every bit helps, right?

Shoulder Modification

I completely cut away the shoulder pegs and a little extra around it.

The Pod mountings have about 95 degrees movement now.  Much better than the original 3-5 degrees of movement.

I scavenged a shoulder joint assembly from a1/100 NG Gundam Strike.  Also, I created a mounting from polystyrene.

Shoulder pegs can rotate up 90 degrees now.  Greater Movement!  When the shoulders are up, Pod mountings can swing in ~90 Degrees.  I’ll show you what I have planned for this transformation later…

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