Sandrock’s Lab: Shield Painting

Concept:  I wanted to show a connection between the shield i am implementing for Duel E Gundam and Destiny Gundam’s shield.  So I copied the paint scheme.

1/100 NG Destiny Gundam Shield (collapsed)

1/100 NG Gundam Destine Shield (Expanded)

Here is my Duel E Gundam Shield (Collapsed) after being painted and decaled.

Here is the shield again, expanded.  I have been having problems with my white paint.  The white areas are not as white as I would like it to be. Upon close inspection, the primer shows through, even after several coats of white.

Here is a teaser picture of Duel E Gundam.   I’m not trying to give away too much at this point.  Overall, the Painting is mostly completed.  The only 2 things left are the heavy weapons I custom built; the Physical Broad Sword and the Giant Lance.  I’m trying to get everything completed this month.  Unveiling will come soon…

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