Sandrock’s Lab: Painting and Decals

Another update on my Duel E Gundam.  Trying to get all these weapons and armor painted with decals.

So I’ve managed to work on the Breastplate, the Front Skirt Armor and the Right shoulder Armor of the Knighthood shroud.  I’ve also placed a few decals.  With these armor pieces, the Duel E is really starting to Bulk Up!

Here is a picture of the Squire Striker Pack with the Lancer Add On Parts.   I’ll have more on this later

Here is a closer view of the Breastplate and Shoulder Armor.  The Decal on the shoulder reads “Knighthood Shroud”.  I am not sure if this will be the final position for this decal.  The shoulders are one of the best places to locate a decal.  If you notice, I have sharpened the V fin a bit.  I still need to do some detail work with the Breastplate and Shoulder, such as panel lines and chrome paint for the gun barrels.

Here is a picture of the Front and Side Skirt Armor.  I need to panel line the side skirts.

That’s all for now.  I still have a ton of other accessories to paint and detail.




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