PipDroid Project part 8!

Ok everyone, this is a major update because I feel like I recently did a lot of work on this today, and also because this thing is just about done!

(Above) I zipped tied everything to a coat hanger, the straps are tapped up to avoid spraying them, and I gave them a coat of spray paint that I found in the color of stainless steel which I thought would be cool.  Originally I was looking for a can of aluminum spray paint which I had used on an engine once but I couldn’t find it but I’m happy with this because it actually is a very powdery paint and the metal flakes make it look great and add to the aged effect I’m going for.  It just looks great!

(Above) After the paint had dried I then took all the pieces and started to damaged them.  Scratching them up and making it looked bumped/dented, or rubbed up against too much.  Remember I’m going for the aged look, I want this piece too looked traveled and like its seen some battles and has experience.  So far it’s not looking too bad…

(Above) Ok first off, these last 4 pics make this thing look rather gold-ish which it’s not…  weird (I’ll take some better pictures for the last FINISHED Post).  But here you can sort of tell that I went back and added in smudges, filled in the scratches, darkened up edges to make it look like dirty metal, and I even added in a little browns for a slight rusty look in some parts.  Tomorrow I will be adding a clear coat which means the painting is finally done and then to make this whole thing finally done I will be adding the foam innards so that it grips the arm without sliding around…. I hope.  Stay tuned to the season finale. 

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