PipDroid project part 7!

(above) ive built up the latching panels and getting them ready to sand, ive added some clay details and i can already tell these two pieces will be harder to work with than the other main piece.

(above) i added more details in with felt strips and started glazing them with epoxy

(above) pieces are getting some paint to tell if there are any areas i need to fix

(above) with the parts primed i can do a test assembly making sure that it fits accordingly and there aren’t any other major areas to fix.  im not threading in the bolts completely incase i need to take the assembly apart again.

(above) heres just a test fit of it on my arm, it still needs work and this is also without the foam lining i plan to add to the inside.  right now it slides down my arm which im hoping the foam lining will fix, other-wise ill have to wear some kind of wrist band or glove.

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