PipDroid project part 6!!! >.<

(above) so i did go back and make some adjustments.  i sanded in some harder edges because i thought it looked too glued together.  it needed a little more definition and detail and i just wasn’t happy with a few areas but its definitely looking much better now.

(above)  i started working on the lower two latching parts and building those up thicker now.  they are currently covered in epoxy and will be seeing clay soon after getting a lite sanding to creating a rough surface.  the belt/clips are wrapped in tapped so they don’t get messy or accidentally glued.  they project is really starting to come together now though.

(above) here’s another shot of the upper half, you can see some of the places that got additional sanding done to give it a little more professional look instead of a plastic toy look.  soon enough everything will be ready for the paint booth.

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