PipDroid project part 5!!

(above) so i molded in some more detailed areas, sanded it down and got it ready for a layer of epoxy.

(above) Then after 1 layer of epoxy i decided it was a little too plain so i started adding in some felt strips to add a little more detail and make things stand out a little more.

(above) i then coated everything yet again in another layer of epoxy, the felt strips become a little bumpy which i really dont like but then again i dont want it to be a perfectly smooth and fresh looking pip-boy, i want it to have seen some days of war.

(above) here i started lightly sanding it all down so that i could get rid of the smooth glossy-ness of the epoxy and get the thing ready for paint.  with a smooth yet rough sanded surface the paint will stick better to it.

(above) i just used a flat black paint so far so get a better idea or where its at.  i may go back and sand a little more or i may just leave it because its really going to be the final stages of paint that really make the thing pop and i have a pretty good 3 part paint scheme planed for this thing.  at this point im going to leave the top half be and get to work on finishing the bottom two halves for now.

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