PipDroid project part 3!

So I went grocery shopping and in the pet isle I found this small dog collars and thought, man that would be perfect for my pipdroid project.  I bought 3 but only ended up using 2.  cutting them in half and adjusting them to where I believed they needed to be, riveted them in and then reinforced it with epoxy.  turned out perfect!

I then started adding some clay to areas of the build to just fill in some holes.

Just to make sure everything was working good i added on the latching parts and made sure it fit on my arm well.  Which it did, even without the foam padding i plan to add to the inside.

So I then started adding more clay and sanded it all down, I lightly mapped out some areas where ill add a few more details but so far its coming along really really well!  I actually started adding on some more clay for the details and its actually getting a little harder due to the fact that the damp clay doesn’t want to play well with the already dry and sanded down stuff.  but its cool, little patients and some hard work and ill get it to work for me.  eventually ill cover the whole thing in a layer of epoxy to make sure the dry painted clay doesn’t crack or break apart as it might without it.  so far though, its look awesome!

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