(ABOVE)  This is closer to something i may go for with this particular piece.  i think ill keep working on it and see where it goes at least.  i think i like it better without the skin tone.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to hang up some paintings and make my place a little more decorative.  My idea was having 1 solid work of art but split up by 4 canvases, such as in the images above.  I’ve always liked drawing eyes and with this piece it lead into drawing what it is.  This is all photoshopped so far as Im just in the planning stages so that I don’t just start wasting paint.  This is one idea I’ve had so far.  Perhaps I’ll draw out more unless I get enough praise from this one.  I’m still not done with it though and I may just play with the colors a bit more too as Im think that i don’t really want the skin color to pop as much as I most just want the eyes to.

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