New PipDroid part 2

So using some felt tape i have at work, i mapped out some major base ideas like where the hinging system goes and where the doors would open,  i then glued on the phone mount and the two modified pens in the places they needed to go and glazed the project thus far in an epoxy resin.  looks wet and slimy! haha

With everything including all the slight divisions of cardboard filled with glue, i then proceed to make slight adjustments and start cutting the 3 different sections apart so that i could built them individually.

Here (above) everything has been cut.  i started sanding all the edges to make sure i would get proper fitment.  i want it all to be tight and sturdy but i want it to be able to feel solid and lightweight as well so lots of planning will be needed from here on out.

Above you see the top half upside down so you can see the felt strips used along all the cut edges.  the bottom half is right side up so you can see the same and how snug the latch fits together.  from here i will have to glaze all these felt strips so the whole thing so far holds together nicely.  from here ill have to plan out how im going to go about building the outer construction of the pipdroid because i want it to be light weight but strong.  we shall see…..

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