Revy WIP

Sometimes I do get frustrated with a drawing and I don’t know if I’ll ever complete it. I had this idea for a bit where I was going to try to mimic Adam Hughes pin up style for Black Lagoon’s Levy/Revy.

I went through the internet and got several references for the illustration, using a few asian models and a few cosplayers for ideas. Overall, I doubt it’s heading in the direction I want it too.

Normally I don’t like to digitally ink, I’ll usually just go and ink manual but I’m trying new things.

Hopefully I’ll continue to work on this and pray that it’ll come out decent.

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  1. DomRetana says:

    I know your not done dude but with the hair still looking green at the moment, it actually reminds me of one of the main characters from final fantasy 3 (or 6-jap). Don’t stress, w.i.p.’s aren’t usually satisfying at they’re most until they are complete.

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