My tools

Just as a reference, I use the Great Canadian Sketchbook. It’s like someone wirebounded bristol board. 110lb paper and bright white. I’ve been thinking of Robert Bateman as a cheaper alternative, but haven’t gotten around to purchasing it. In any regard, GCS is the best sketchbook I’ve used in a longest time. In fact, I usually buy them in bulk. They’re so awesome, I sometimes do watercolor drawings in them. I know I could probably also use Moleskin, which I have done, but I like the whiteness of the paper, moleskin has more of a yellowish tint and it’s not wire bound.

As for the watercolors, I usually stick to Koi Watercolors. They have pretty good tube colors too, but for these, I used the field version.

This entry seems like a commercial but it isn’t. I used to think that whatever works is fine but we all have preferences and our likes and dislikes. I like Sakura products because they’re awesome and it’s also what David Mack uses… I think. They also made Gelly Rollers, which is awesome.

I wish I had something more insightful to say but I don’t. LOL

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  1. Riku says:

    Nice work here. I like the picture of Cap with the stubble.

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