Sandrockc’s Lab: Detailing: Part 2

Concept: More Detailing like my last update.  This time I focused more on the shoulders and head.

Ok, this first mod is sorta detailing related…  I wanted to hide the seam line in the shoulder armor.  However, I wanted the shoulder armor to be easier to paint.  Rather than glue the armor together and seal it with putty, I thought I’d cover the seam with some polystyrene plates

Here is the shoulder armor.  You can see the seam line running down the middle of the armor.

Here I’ve added some Poly styrene plates.  This is a bit rough and needs some clean up work.  I glued it halfway over the seam to one side of the armor.  I’ll be able to pull these apart and paint them later.

Also, I added some detailing parts to the top of the blue shoulder armor.

I carved a panel line into the shoulder armor of my Duel Gundam.  This breaks up the monotony of the large flat surfaces of the shoulders.  I carved this panel line 4 times: on the front  and back side of each shoulder.  Here, you can see the comparison of the parts with and without the panel line.

Here I’ve detailed the head more.  I put some detail parts on the sides of the head.   This accentuates last head mod that I did.  Also I carved some panel lines on the crest of the head.  The Head on the left is the Knock off Duel Gundam and the right is the one I’ve been working on.

Until Next Time… Cheers!

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