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Well, heres a project that was actually rather fun for me as I gave it a taste of old school gaming.  I had to merge two different works of art together of a similar style and I ended up throwing a little old school Donkey Kong in there.  (I didnt draw the two works above, they were submitted to me as part of my assignment.  From the 8 I had to choose from, I chose the 2 you see above).

Here I was just doing some quick sketches for ideas, personally I think they’re pretty crappy but hey… like I said, they’re just quick sketches.  This is actually a good way for me to warm up and get in the mood to draw, just sketching stuff out quickly.

Laying down the 2 works of art at 8 inches apart, I taped them down so they wouldn’t move.  Then taping down some tracing paper over top of them and the blank 8 inch area in between, I started filling in the area seeing how the borders of the two works of art would blend into my drawing.

So here’s the final version.  This was a little too large for my scanner so I had to scan this in sections and later merging it back together in photoshop.  You can still see the divisions in sections where they got scanned but you get the general idea at least.  So theres the old school Donkey Kong with Mario jumping over the barrels as a modern work of art.  Hell I even tossed one of those hungry fish from the Super Mario series trying to jump out the water and eat the birds flying by.

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