Happy Turkey Day

I’m back home at my parent’s house to celebrate turkey day and I was going through my old computer and found some old Paris pictures I haven’t edited. (In all actuality, I think I edited like 5 pictures from my paris trip)

Here is a fun fact, I basically got into photography because I had trouble drawing backgrounds and so I decided to purchase a Digital SLR because I wanted to take in depth reference pictures to use.

Suffice to say, I ended up starting a photography business. All in all, when I look back on it, art is a constant change.

When I begin to talk about art, I feel a bit pretentious. I remember someone once going on about how they’re an artist, proclaiming, “I’m an artist”.

Well, that’s great… I’m an asian.

At the same time, I feel odd when I hear people go on and say they’re not creative at all and how they can’t doodle for squat.

I truly believe that everyone is creative one way or another and perhaps they just don’t notice it, or they hold the concept of creativity on a higher level.

My wife is constantly going on how she’s not creative at all but here she is folding origami like there is no tomorrow or deciding the wedding albums for a client and organizing the pictures into some beautiful collage.

I don’t know how to end this entry, so I think I’ll just end it….

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One Response to Happy Turkey Day

  1. DomRetana says:

    My good friend, I sort of laughed to myself when reading this. Reason being that I just recently had a class discussion on what makes a person creative and if creativity can be taught.

    You are an amazing artist, and every time I look through your sketch books I always find myself in awe by your skill. Art is something that is like beauty being in the eye of the beholder. What might awesome for some, may not be for the other. Your stuff though is just plan awesome. So keep your head up and get back at it man.

    Your wife and my friend, she cracks me up as i’ve heard her say those same things you’ve mentioned. She’s talented, but her talents lay on a different side of art. This doesn’t mean that she’s any less artistic, the only paper I can fold is a plane, her stuff is just mind blowing.

    The both of you are are very artistic in different ways, as is the rest of the world. The both of you together though have some amazing skill at being photographers though. Now, I too, do not know how to end this reply, so it ends here…

    See you at art night.

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