Well heres a post that’s been much anticipated.  I’ve been wanting to draw some things up but have been a little preoccupied with some things.  I’m currently working a redesign project.  Grabbing a spark plug, I thought I would use that as a model for this project.  So here are a few snap shots and thumbnail studies of it.  From here i’ll get to work on an abstract piece of it.

I’ve chosen a view my friends, its basically a straight view at the head of the spark plug where the spark is given.  I thought this would make a good abstract view considering the fact that when viewed its hard to tell what it is.  Though I have made it easier for you considering the fact that i’ve already said its a spark plug.   Here’s a traditional rough draft i’ve done as an idea before moving onto the traditional final  2D draft.

So this is what I have done for the final 2D version so far.  I could probably play more with the values and maybe add a shade to the background.  But from what I have understood its not really necessary.

So from here there was to be done a 3D version from green foam.  This stuff is pretty much floral foam and it makes a huge mess.  Also its easy yet very fragile to work with because you have to be very gentile with it as it falls apart or takes the slightest amount of pressure very easily.  I decided to just model out the head of the spark plug as thats what my abstract piece was so here it is…

You can see the amount of mess it makes, it just crumbles apart and I tried to keep it confined to my notebook to minimize cleanup.

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2 Responses to Redesigned

  1. Riku says:

    It’s a sparky-er plug!

  2. Chris says:

    I wish I could break into the 3d realm and make sculptures. Great work Domingo!

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