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Princess Peach and Digital Painting

Was trying a new technique and I’ve always notice there is a huge difference between Painting techniques and drawing techniques. Mostly, the focus on drawing is the line art… while in painting, you can be a bit more loose on … Continue reading

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Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works has become my most favorite anime since Toradora… Story wise, it’s awesome… art style… it’s uber-awesome. Do people still say uber? I think what gets to me is the off the way small details and odd animal … Continue reading

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Kill La Kill

So I fixed up the lines in my Kill La Kill art… and got most of the flats in… This is a slight progression of my coloring. I try to get the base color down and then I’ll work on … Continue reading

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MY WIFE IS PREGGERS… I’m finishing this up as my friends are heading here for the unexpected news…. I jammed a bunch of cinnamon buns in the toaster oven… lets see who’s the first to notice.  

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