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Walk like Water

Bruce Lee and Johnny Walker. I love it….

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Magical Gun Girl

      Remember that one episode of to Catch a Predator, and Tuxedo Mask met Chris Hanson and he asked him to sit in the corner. I mean, Sailor Moon was like 14 and Tuxedo Mask was like 26? … Continue reading

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Deku WIP color

  Work in progress. Started to color him. It’s going pretty smoothly. When I color, I try to get the base color down first, which I find the most boring and tedious. I much rather just start adding the value … Continue reading

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Blood Lad

I started to watch Blood Lad, which is an interesting anime. I was more impressed with Deku, one of the supporting characters. I found his character design intriguing. So I started to work on a quick sketch in the hour … Continue reading

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