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Some schmuck

Just a sketch…..

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Above you see a photo clip from a video project i was working on, we have this very short video clip of 54 frames of a ninja like stealth character just standing guard taking a smooth look from the left … Continue reading

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Oh yeah…

Oh yeah… I’m a photographer also… And an adventurer… check me out checking out creepy locals. And breaking into the creepy basement… Next week, you’ll hear about how they find my body mutilated and anally probed… I kidd I kidd… … Continue reading

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Inspector Gadget

I liked Inspector Gadget… my mum used to watch it with me when I was little. Dunno why I felt I had to mention that…

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Heres an updated image, i added in a path and some overlays to blend it in nicely.   well, this is something i’ve been working on this week.  i was a bit stressed because i couldn’t come up with a … Continue reading

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Sandrock’s Lab: Overdue Update: Painting

  I have been busy the last few months.  A lot has happened.  I made myself set aside some time to work on the Duel Gundam.  I have also hit stumbling blocks with getting paints and supplies.  I have decided … Continue reading

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