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Concept design for My Boyfriend Must Die

I really like the sketchy look on 10K Commotion. Though it does feel a bit unfinished, but I think it adds a certain charm to it. I’m curious if I’ll use that style for My Boyfriend Must Die…

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Prince Adam redesign

work in progress for my Prince Adam redesign. What if Prince Adam was more emo and wore a girly pink hoody that he probably stole from Teila? Oh man… I can go on forever just ripping on He-Man. HOW COULD … Continue reading

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Sailor Moon and Chainsaws….

VROOM VROOM… God damn piece is finished. BOOYA!

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Ruins of Hyrule

I always wanted to see a zelda game in a different light, sure the graphics work great for the games that have been out.  hell, even the cute cell-shaded versions of zelda worked just fine.  but i’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

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“Pew Pew Pew” Danbo Megaman must fight off all the bad guys! “Mortal Kombat” Subzero Danbo vs. Scorpion Danbo Note: Thank you Chris for creating the graphics =)

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Ultraman revisioned….

So I wondered what would Ultraman be like if it had a baby with Evangelion. So I draw what an Ultraman Evangelion hybrid would look like.   I’m still working out the kinks. The background for the latter image was … Continue reading

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Logo Creating

Aside from FFML I was also trying to work on an older story I create long ago called My Boyfriend Must Die. I created two titles for it. My wife is digging the latter. Unlike FFML or WTF, My Boyfriend … Continue reading

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Working on comics…

Man, it seems like everyone is quite busy that this site feels somewhat neglected. Sorry everyone whoever reads this… if anyone. I’ve been working on some freelance work that I don’t think I can post here yet and also keeping … Continue reading

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2DA_Project Morph So im back in another art class.  im drawing by hand again and i got lots of drawings to do to making just a short animation.  im hoping you can see this vid as this the first one … Continue reading

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