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Life of Danbo

“Hamburglar Danbo” Nom Nom Nom ^_^ “Don’t Belong” Danboard feels like a giant in Lego City. “Trouble Brewing” Danbo Cyclops senses trouble!

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Sailor Moon with a chainsaw

Another WIP, but I feel confident for this one. Digital inking isn’t so bad with Manga Studio. Though, I could have probably done the same thing with illustrator. In any regards, I had the idea from Sailor Moon and Kore … Continue reading

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Little Yellow Fucker

I’ve had this idea for a while. I had a small cardboard cutout of Lyf, that’s what I named the yellow bear. Stands for Little Yellow Fucker. My friend Caroline came up with it… or she actually told me I … Continue reading

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Sandrock’s Lab: Detailing Update

Priming will come soon.  The weather is getting nicer. Detailing Updates I added a layer of polystyrene to the toes to reshape the tip of the foot. I carved a line into the shoulder armor.  This was done on the … Continue reading

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Manga Studio Debut 4

This is actually a teaser for Work Time Friends. I got sick and I haven’t updated it in two weeks… or maybe three. I’m bad at updating that. Anyway, I’m really trying to keep that running. So usually when I’m … Continue reading

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