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Sandrock’s Lab: Duel’s New Sword

Concept: My coworker, Ken, thought that the Beam Broadswords idea looks like a leaf on a stick.  To answer his cry for a better looking sword, I told him I’d make another sword.  This time, it wouldn’t look like a … Continue reading

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so after much work and getting all the reflections in the right spot i rendered it out which is the image under the white one.  i added in a brake light effect to give some type of depth or separation … Continue reading

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To illuminate or not to illuminate? that is the question…

so here I am in the final stretch of my project.  i’ve worked in some lights and some reflective panels to cast lights and glares in all the right places.  these are high res images now unlike the previous entry … Continue reading

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Sandrock’s Lab: Catchup Post

I’ve still been working on the Duel, but I haven’t had time to post lately.  I’ve got a lot to cover.  Let’s get to it. Concepts: Fixing up the Crotch Armor…  Fixing up the Lance…  Finding useful parts… Modding new … Continue reading

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time consumption

i feel bad that i have been so busy with school that i haven’t been able to make a post here in quiet some time now.  so i decided to post this image to show all of you what i’ve … Continue reading

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Sci Fi

Aside from backgrounds, another problem I run into is armor and details. I’ve been trying to incorporate more details into my work. though, maybe I should actually FINISH a project…   So this is basically my rough sketch and after … Continue reading

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Where’s Danbo?

Looks like Danboard took a wrong turn and landed in some Zombie land. Hurry! Someone find Danboard!

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Sandrock’s Lab: Crotch Armor

Yes, it’s Crotch Armor! Concept: I wanted to give the Duel E more flexibility.  With the Knighthood shroud, the crotch armor is limits the bending of the legs.   The original joints gave bout 40 degrees of movement.  I replaced the … Continue reading

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Adventures of Danboard

Hi everyone!  I’m the new addition to the Digital Sketchbook world ^_^  I can’t wait to share with you guys the secret life of Danboard!  He really does come to life~!  He acts like a normal human being =)  He … Continue reading

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Hey guys, I’m lagging bit behind with my art work.  With another 3D class in the works which is pretty time consuming as it is.  And the editing that I’ve been going through for the LFA project, I’m currently trying … Continue reading

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