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Sandrockc’s Lab: Detailing: Part 2

Concept: More Detailing like my last update.  This time I focused more on the shoulders and head. Ok, this first mod is sorta detailing related…  I wanted to hide the seam line in the shoulder armor.  However, I wanted the … Continue reading

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Creative Expansion

-vs-  Well, heres a project that was actually rather fun for me as I gave it a taste of old school gaming.  I had to merge two different works of art together of a similar style and I ended up … Continue reading

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West X Wizard

This is just a personal side project I’m working on. I was hoping to have it ready for SPX 2011, but that’s probably not realistic, so I’m aiming for 2012. Basically it’s going to be an odd retelling of Wizard … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day

I’m back home at my parent’s house to celebrate turkey day and I was going through my old computer and found some old Paris pictures I haven’t edited. (In all actuality, I think I edited like 5 pictures from my … Continue reading

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Well heres a post that’s been much anticipated.  I’ve been wanting to draw some things up but have been a little preoccupied with some things.  I’m currently working a redesign project.  Grabbing a spark plug, I thought I would use … Continue reading

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Self Doubt

Sometimes I get upset at myself if I can’t seem to get an illustration to work. I tend to try not to engulf myself into such emotions because they’re fairly counter productive. One thing that I missed about being younger … Continue reading

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Sandrock’s Lab: Detailing

Concept: I look at the Duel Gundam as something of a blank canvas.  There are a lot of flat surfaces and few fine details.  I wanted to add details that would make the Duel look fast and mobile so it … Continue reading

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Sandrock’s Lab: Panel Lines Experiment

Concept: (Warning: Heavy Gundam Nerd Talk Ahead)  If you ever the Gundam Seed TV series, you’ll recall the Duel Gundam was stolen by Zaft forces from the Earth Alliance.  The Earth Alliance managed to reproduce low cost versions of the … Continue reading

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Sandrock’s Lab: Leg Work

Concept: Many Gundams of the Gundam Seed era have some kind of vernier system on their calves. If you have these model kits from this series, you may have noticed this too.  So… I thought I’d have have Duel Gundam … Continue reading

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Turtle Power! And so I completed something. YAY. Kinda… I wanted to insert the other three turtles into this image but I might work on that separately and combine the other three into one piece. Speaking of Ninjas, Dom and … Continue reading

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