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I know that there will be a day that I put my son down and will never pick him up again… and that makes me sad.

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That time of the year again!

As I finish the old year and enter the new, I will say the same thing over again. Next year will be more productive and at the end I will prep and plan for the new year and most likely … Continue reading

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Designs for my son’s one year of life…

So obviously my 365 day project failed… But I’ve been still drawing here and there, but I just haven’t had time to post anything lately… I really should try to produce my content and just upload it… Half Filipino, Half … Continue reading

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365 Project: Oct 19 to Oct 25

2nd Week of my 365 day project. After next week, I may have to get a sketch book since I’ll be going back to work after my 2 month maternity paternity leave. Scanning has always been a ban for me … Continue reading

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Daily sketches. Oct 14 2014 to Oct 18 2014

I’ve started to do daily sketches again and my goal is to try to do a sketch a day… whether it’s digital or on paper… just need to keep it up… atleast for 30 minutes or so minimum. Some of … Continue reading

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Violent Ken revisited. Flashback Friday

The above was one of my first attempt with Corel Painter which was done I think maybe 10 years ago, according to my DeviantArt site. Below is a piece I did today. Sometimes I feel I don’t progress as much … Continue reading

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Spaceman Spiff

I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes and there was just something magical about it. Sad that it ended so long ago, but I guess all good things has to come to an end… but that just makes it so … Continue reading

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I created a baby…

So this is the reason I haven’t updated in a bit but the last few days, I’ve gotten the hang of keeping a small life alive so I’ve found some time to draw. I finally finished my Maleficent fanart… Honestly, … Continue reading

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Apple Seed

I’m still drawing but with the baby coming soon end of next month… I just haven’t had any chance to post…. Been trying a more painteristic style.

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Sailor Moon

Yeah, I don’t know why I keep doing fanart for Sailor Moon… umm… yeah… To be honest, I don’t know what kind of theme I was going for… drew in a bit of battle damage… and… gave her punkish gloves… … Continue reading

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