I know that there will be a day that I put my son down and will never pick him up again… and that makes me sad.

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That time of the year again!

As I finish the old year and enter the new, I will say the same thing over again. Next year will be more productive and at the end I will prep and plan for the new year and most likely do nothing. Sad.

It’s like saying, “Live a life without regret… and in the end, REGRET EVERYTHING!”

But I digress… This year was challenging but I think I’ll be more productive next year… because I’m using a bullet journal. So there is that…


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Designs for my son’s one year of life…

So obviously my 365 day project failed… But I’ve been still drawing here and there, but I just haven’t had time to post anything lately… I really should try to produce my content and just upload it…


Half Filipino, Half Chinese… ALL AMERICAN… HAHA

My wife wanted me to do this for our son’s one year birthday party. I guess she’s having a mustache, vintage theme going on… or something.

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365 Project: Oct 19 to Oct 25

2nd Week of my 365 day project. After next week, I may have to get a sketch book since I’ll be going back to work after my 2 month maternity paternity leave. Scanning has always been a ban for me and then prepping the files, but ah well. If I may miss a date, it most likely was in my sketch book and I’ll try to update on my same weekly schedule.

Some of these pieces I may want to expand and finish later, which I think will be beneficial. I think next week, I may try focusing on other objects aside from people or fanart… maybe create a weekly theme to keep myself motivated… who knows.
drawingday0006drawingday0007 drawingday0008 drawingday0009 drawingday0010 drawingday0011 drawingday0012

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Daily sketches. Oct 14 2014 to Oct 18 2014

I’ve started to do daily sketches again and my goal is to try to do a sketch a day… whether it’s digital or on paper… just need to keep it up… atleast for 30 minutes or so minimum. Some of these will be for warm-ups before I work on bigger projects or just killing time on my break… I started on Oct 14… so I’ll try to keep this up till same time next year… Good luck to me.

drawingday0001 drawingday0002 drawingday0003 drawingday0004 drawingday0005

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Violent Ken revisited. Flashback Friday


The above was one of my first attempt with Corel Painter which was done I think maybe 10 years ago, according to my DeviantArt site.

Below is a piece I did today.


Sometimes I feel I don’t progress as much as an artist but then again, I realize I’m mostly doing stuff like this for fun and as a hobby. Sad that I never mad a career but to regret anything at this point of my life is counter productive. Just got to move forward and be grateful for everything I do have.


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Spaceman Spiff

I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes and there was just something magical about it. Sad that it ended so long ago, but I guess all good things has to come to an end… but that just makes it so much more memorable and special.


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I created a baby…

Darren10textweb Darren12web

So this is the reason I haven’t updated in a bit but the last few days, I’ve gotten the hang of keeping a small life alive so I’ve found some time to draw. I finally finished my Maleficent fanart… Honestly, I haven’t seen the movie yet… I just wanted to try something new. I’m not too happy with it, but c’est la vie…


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Apple Seed


I’m still drawing but with the baby coming soon end of next month… I just haven’t had any chance to post….

Been trying a more painteristic style.

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Sailor Moon

Yeah, I don’t know why I keep doing fanart for Sailor Moon… umm… yeah…


To be honest, I don’t know what kind of theme I was going for… drew in a bit of battle damage… and… gave her punkish gloves… but I don’t think I figured out a theme for this illustration… Ah well…

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